Microsoft acquires RAV Antivirus Technology

Bucharest, June 10, 2003. Microsoft Corp. announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the intellectual property and technology assets of Gecad, a provider of antivirus technology based in Bucharest, Romania. Terms of the acquisition are confidential.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Gecad’s technology will help secure customers by providing antivirus solutions for Microsoft® products and services. In addition to developing new solutions, Microsoft will use the Gecad engineering expertise and technology to enhance the Windows® platform and extend support for third-party antivirus vendors so they can provide customers with increasingly secure and comprehensive levels of virus protection.

Customers told us they needed a safer, more trustworthy computing experience to help combat the threats posed by those who write viruses and malicious code,” said Mike Nash, corporate vice president of the Security Business Unit at Microsoft. “This acquisition will help us and our partner antivirus providers further mitigate risks from these threats.”

The knowledge and experience acquired from Gecad will contribute to Microsoft’s understanding of how systems are attacked, enabling Microsoft to more effectively focus on platform improvements that will benefit customers and industry partners alike. Microsoft plans to focus efforts on technologies that address both current concerns and anticipate future needs. For example, work will be done to help increase todays limited percentage of customers that are protected with updated antivirus signatures, and attention also will be given to developing next-generation solutions for evolving threat models.

Gecad’s technology and expertise, with its strong track record in detecting and addressing virus threats, will help Microsoft continue to build on recent platform initiatives.

Microsoft’s investment in our technology is a testament to Romanian software development talent, and a strong endorsement of the efforts that have been made by the Gecad team over the past nine years to help customers get secure,” said Radu Georgescu. “I look forward to the contributions that the team and the technology will make both to Microsoft’s future and to the future of trustworthy computing.”