IVC Evidensia acquires PawSquad

Bucharest, March 8th, 2021.  PawSquad, founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Diwaker Singh and Radu Georgescu,  has been acquired by IVC Evidensia, Europe’s leading veterinary care provider based across 12 countries.

PawSquad has been providing veterinary tele-advice services to UK pet owners since 2015 and was one of the first to pioneer online video and live text chat consultations.

PawSquad CEO, Dr Mark Boddy, himself a veterinary surgeon, has welcomed the acquisition, “Our network of experienced veterinarians has already helped many thousands of pets in the UK, providing medical advice, emergency triage and preventive health plans. Being part of IVC will allow us to help even more pets and to continue to work positively and collaboratively with the veterinary profession, as well as expand geographically.”

PawSquad Chairman and Founder, Diwaker Singh adds, “We are pet lovers and launched PawSquad with the objective of making sure that pet owners have instant 24/7 access to quality pet care, accessible from their homes. Towards this end, PawSquad is a great success. The service has grown significantly, confirming there is a clear need for this service. IVC Evidensia’s extensive network will help the business strengthen and grow to even greater heights.”