Dialpad acquires Kare Knowledgeware

Bucharest, September 20th, 2021.  Kare Knowledgeware has been acquired by Dialpad, the industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration.

Kare Knowledgeware is a British company offering a customer experience (CX) platform that optimizes workflow orchestration, knowledge management, analytics and business intelligence. It improves self-service functionality by organizing unstructured data and automating responses to common customer inquiries, analyzing and administering crucial insight from traffic to drive strategic business decisions. The application of its technology can resolve inbound support traffic handled by Kare by up to 95% and significantly increase online revenue through self-service.

“The Kare Knowledgeware team is excited to join Dialpad, a fast-rising organization dedicated to radically transforming digital customer experiences”, said Tim Porter, Founder and CEO, Kare Knowledgeware. “The unified communication and CX markets are ripe environments for innovation and we look forward to driving both of these industries forward as a key part of Dialpad.”

“Our main differentiator in the venture capital industry is the fact that we identify very early the potential of some start-ups. It’s important to invest in good companies in their first round, but the road to a successful exit depends on the ability to maintain yourself on the same position, on being accepted in the next investment rounds, on offering real value, and not only a financial one for the companies in your portfolio”, declared Radu Georgescu, Founding Partner Gecad Ventures.